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London, the capital city of England, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because of its effortless juxtaposition of the old and new worlds. Modern towering skyscrapers here stand side-to-side with monuments and architectural landmarks that have stood the test of time since centuries past. Some of the most popular attractions in the city of London are the Big Ben Clock Tower, Thames River, the London Eye Observatory Wheel, the Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, amongst many others. London is a vast city and as such it’s easy to get confused about where exactly when should stay. Where you stay depends on your needs finally. Are you interested in the main architectural landmarks? Or are you more interested in exploring the thriving nightlife of Soho? In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best 4-star hotels across all of London. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll have a firm idea of where to stay for your trip! These are the top 10 4-star hotels in London.

# 1

45 Park Lane - Dorchester Collection

45 Park Lane Hotel, as the name suggests, is a 4-star hotel located in Park Lane. As a neighborhood, Park Lane doesn’t boast much else than other hotels, car showrooms, and public transportation. However, if you walk down the back streets of Park Lane, you’d find quite a few boutique stores and pubs. One of the other locational advantages of this hotel is that the fabulous Soho district is a short 20-minute walk away, and as such, this is a great hotel to be if you’d like to focus on exploring the city’s nightlife, restaurants, pubs, etc. The general exterior is Art Deco in its aesthetic, and the façade of the hotel bears metal fin details. The interior decor of the hotel is designed in an early 20th-century style with varnished woodwork and chrome-based cylindrical lamps on the ceilings. This 4-star hotel features a few facilities such as a bar, a laundry service, and a restaurant. The rooms are designed with glazed-wood paneling, black lacquer furnishing, and carpets designed in various geometric shapes as is typical of an Art Deco aesthetic. The hotel walls are lined with artworks representing old-school Hollywood and photographs of silver starlets such as Vivien Leigh. Most of the rooms feature sweeping views of Hyde Park. The bathrooms in the hotel feature rain showers and separate tubs. In fact, the soaking tubs also come with attached television sets so that you can relax, grab a drink, and watch your favorite shows. You should ideally avoid some of the cheaper rooms as they can be quite small. The on-site restaurant — CUT — offers a range of stunning delicacies that won’t disappoint.

# 2

Ham Yard Hotel

Ham Yard Hotel is a 4-star hotel located in London’s West End district. Located slap bang in the midst of Soho, you’re surrounded by life and activity all around you. The exterior of the hotel may seem a bit simple and plain, however, it’s beautifully designed and decorated indoors. It’s extremely spacious and flooded with light all around because of the massive windows that allow plenty of natural light to seep in. They have a roof terrace on the fourth floor that also features a little garden all of its own, with olive trees, vegetable beds, etc. Furthermore, the hotel walls and lobby is also lined with intricate textile and artworks. Perhaps the best artistic installments in the hotel are the 135-dial digital clock and a backlit wall of pots in the on-site restaurant. Even though it’s a 4-star hotel it still comes with luxurious facilities such as a spa with a sauna and treatment rooms, and a separate fitness center. The hotel consists of 91 rooms and suites and 24 separate apartment-accommodations. One of the best aspects of the hotel is that it tries to keep things fresh and unique. As such, all of the rooms bear their own quirky traits and the color scheme keeps changing between different types of rooms. For example, one particular room may be doused in an all-purple color palette, whereas another may prominently feature shades of blue or green. There are full-length windows in all the rooms and they look out either at the hotel courtyard or Soho’s jungle. Some of the rooms also look towards Smith’s Court, and as such you get a sweeping view of the rooftops of the surrounding neighborhood. The bar and restaurant in the hotel are more of a populist pizzeria rather than a fine-dining spot, which also makes them a lot more crowded with outsiders. However, the dishes are doubtlessly delicious.

# 3

51 Kensington Court Limited

51 Kensington Court Limited is a 4-star hotel that offers apartment-style accommodations to its guests. It’s located in Kensington, and as such it’s a short 15-minute stroll to various prime attractions such as the Kensington Palace, Kensington Gardens, and even the Royal Albert Hall. The hotel is certainly lacking in luxury facilities, and all it can offer besides the apartments is the free WiFi and laundry facilities. This is a great hotel for those who want an accommodation for an extended period as it feels quite homely. The apartments are simply designed with white-washed walls and non-intrusive furnishing. It’s designed in such a style so that you can easily modify it to your own image. They also come with fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms.

# 4

The Levin

The Levin is a 4-star hotel located in Knightsbridge, just a short stroll away from the Knightsbridge tube station. As such, it’s a very well connected hotel. The hotel only comprises a series of 12 bedrooms. All of them are arranged around a spiraling staircase as a large shimmering chandelier cascades down from the ceiling and on to the floor. The general aesthetic of the hotel is early 20th century, however, it’s all quite glamorously done. The rooms here are the best part as they’re well lit and come equipped with their own library of paperback titles and a champagne bar.

# 5

Batty Langley's

Batty Langley’s hotel is located on Folgate Street in Spitalfields, approximately 5-minutes from Liverpool Street railway station. This 4-star hotel is decorated in a classic Georgian aesthetic with the generous use of varnished wood paneling, dense brocaded curtains, and the use of warm colors such as red and brown. Some of the best facilities in the book are the bar, the courtyard garden, and the library featuring over 3500 titles in paperback. There are 29 rooms in the hotel and all of them are designed in a coherent archaic style with several antique furniture decorating the premises.

# 6

44 Curzon Street Apartments

44 Curzon Street Apartments is located in Westminster Borough, a great neighborhood for people who want to enjoy shopping in Oxford Street or enjoy the thriving nightlife of Soho, both of which are just about a short 15-minute walk away. This 4-star hotel was built back in 1908 yet it still maintains a contemporary vibe. The rooms in the hotel are brightly lit and feature plenty of natural light flooding in from the windows. There aren’t a lot of luxury facilities available in this 4-star hotel, however, it does have free WiFi, family rooms, and cleaning services.

# 7

Dorset Square Hotel

Dorset Square Hotel is located within a short walking distance of Marylebone Station. However, the best aspect of the hotel is its bold and vibrant aesthetic. Even the rooms are brightly decorated in such a way so that you feel like you’re living in a luxury home rather than a hotel. The basic facilities in the hotel are a bar, an on-site restaurant, and a laundry service. The “Superior” rooms in the hotel are quite small. As such, you should aim for one of the more advanced rooms, the best of them being the Dorset Square Room.

# 8


Hazlitt’s is one of the most beautiful period-style 4-star hotels in London, located in Soho district. The most attractive asset of this hotel is its history as it used to be a house owned by the author William Hazlitt. The hotel has been designed in an extremely authentic style, so much so that the original floorboards have also been retained. The rooms are decorated with antiques and old period paintings on the wall. The general color palette is muted shades of maroon with golden gilded furniture and bedsteads. Perhaps another great aspect of the hotel is the fact that they serve excellent breakfast to you right in your bedroom.

# 9

The Cavendish London

The Cavendish London is located on Mayfair, just about a short 5-minute walk from St James’s Park. The hotel is often described as a typical “boutique” hotel and it’s designed in a gentle color palette of pastel pink and peach shades. There are 230 rooms in the hotel, and they’re all spacious with fuzzy pink carpets and the presence of red or brown furniture. The on-site facilities include a bar, a restaurant named Petrichor, the latter of which comes with large windows looking out at Jermyn Street.

# 10

The Chesterfield Mayfair

The Chesterfield Mayfair is a 4-star hotel located in the center of Mayfair district, within walking distance of the shops of both the Bond and the Oxford streets. Even Green and Hyde Park are both within walking distance of the hotel. There are 107 rooms and suites in the hotel and all of them are designed in a unique and individual style, though they bear certain basic similarities such as the use of padded fabric walls, and dense brocaded curtains. The general aesthetic of the rooms either feels like a typical London townhouse or an African Savannah. One of the best facilities in the hotel is its Terrace Bar which features live piano music every evening except Sunday.

London Boutique Luxury Hotel Map

The best high end, unique, cool and small luxury hotels displayed on our map below.

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