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New York City, fondly known as the Big Apple, is definitely the most famous, fabled, and fabulous city in the world. At the very heart of New York lies Manhattan, which serves as the financial and commercial center of the city, and also happens to be one of the most expensive areas in terms of real estate. There are various popular tourist attractions that you can check out if you’re visiting the city for the first time. These include the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building — the tallest building in New York, —Central Park, Time Square, and various others. For example, if you’d like to explore the hipster heart of the city, you’ll better off exploring Brooklyn. If you’re instead looking to spend an evening watching one of the world-renowned Broadway plays, you’ll need to go to the dizzying and sprawling Times Square area. As such, there’s something in New York for everyone, but all the options can also get confusing for first-timers. As such, in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best 4-star hotels across the city so you can find an appropriate location to stay wherever you might want to be. These are the top 10 4-star hotels in New York City.

# 1

The Sherry-Netherland Hotel

The Sherry-Netherland Hotel is a 4-star hotel located in one of the most desirable addresses in New York City. It’s located on the corner of Fifth and the 59th, overlooking Central Park. As such, you can basically treat Central Park as your front yard. Furthermore, both Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue — prime shopping spots — are a few steps away from the hotel. As such, if you’d like to mingle with high society and shop in outlets for Prada, Gucci, and Dolce&Gabbana, then this is where you need to be. Furthermore, if you enjoy music, you can also head over to Carnegie Hall, which is also located within a short stroll away. This is quite an intimate little hotel and as such only comes with 50 rooms and suites. The lobby of the hotel is simply stellar as it features ceilings with frescoes painted on them. The prime facilities available in the hotel are a fitness center and their on-site restaurant. The rooms and suites in this hotel are uniformly spacious, especially by New York standards. The regular rooms cover 375 square feet of space whereas the suites cover twice as much at 750 square feet. You need to choose your suites and rooms carefully. Some of them face towards the shopping streets of Fifth and Madison Avenue, and as such can get quite noisy. However, some of the rooms also enjoy a view of Central Park, which is the best view possible. The rooms are decorated in a historic style with the presence of period paintings on the walls and plenty of antiques lying around. However, this doesn’t come at the expense of modern conveniences such as a TV or WiFi. The Harry Cipriani restaurant downstairs serves some of the finest Italian cuisines in the city.

# 2

The London NYC

The London NYC is located in midtown Manhattan, within a short walk of two of the most celebrated attractions in all of New York — Central Park and Madison Avenue. Some of the other prime attractions located in close vicinity of this 4-star hotel are Seventh Avenue, Carnegie Hall, Broadway Theatre, Studio 54, amongst many others. This is the prime real estate location in New York and as such, you can expect everything here to cater to the elite. There are 562 rooms and suites located in this hotel and all of them are designed in an opulent and modern aesthetic grandeur. As the name suggests, this hotel is designed in the theme of a London hotel, and as such, everything here is set up in an elegant European aesthetic style. There are 562 rooms in the hotel and they’re designed in an extremely contemporary and modern style with sleek black tables and chairs, hardwood flooring, and full-length windows that allow plenty of light to flood in. The bathrooms in the hotel are pristine white and the walls and floors are made of hand-cut glass tiles. The shower comes with two heads pointing opposite directions, which is a great installment for couples. You should ideally go to the Vista Suites as they’re located high enough that they offer you sweeping panoramic views of the city skyline at night, especially as they’re surrounded by glass walls all around. Even though it’s a 4-star hotel, it still has some stellar facilities. In addition to the fact that it has an on-site bar and restaurant, it also comes with a great fitness center and has facilities to accommodate guests with disabilities as well.

# 3

Elysee Hotel New York City

Elysee Hotel New York City is located only two short blocks away from MoMA and Rockefeller Center. This 4-star hotel is located around all the primary streets of Madison Avenue, Park Avenue, etc, however, it’s still a bit aloof so as to avoid all the crowd and noise. There are various time periods stuffed into this hotel. Sometimes the hotel feels Art Deco whereas other times it feels more classic, or modern. As far as facilities are concerned, they only have an on-site restaurant and bar. Finally, there are 100 rooms and suites in the hotel, however, the best are the Presidential Suites, designed in remembrance of past luminaries who have resided in the hotel.

# 4

The Broome

The Broome is located in the very center of Soho district. As such, it’s the ideal hotel for those who would like to spend their time in the city eating out in cool restaurants and partying at nights in one of Soho’s many bars and pubs. The general decor of the hotel is contemporary and European, though it has some local New York touches to it. Most of the furniture in the hotel is locally sourced. There are only 14 rooms in this intimate 4-star hotel. However, the best room in the hotel is the fifth-floor penthouse which enjoys a view of the street from the connecting balcony.

# 5

Library Hotel

Library Hotel is located on a street that was once called “The Library Way”, but is now simply the 41st Street. Madison Avenue is literally just a few steps away from the hotel, and so is Bryant Park. The hotel has been designed in the general aesthetic of a library with dark mahogany wood walls and the use of a dark color palette. The rooms in the hotel are quite small and simple, featuring a beige and brown aesthetic.

# 6

Sixty Soho

Sixty Soho is a 4-star boutique hotel located in the heart of Soho, and it’s a short stroll away from prime attractions such as Prince Street and Broadway. If you enjoy shopping, you’ll find outlets for all the elite brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, or Christian Dior. There are 97 rooms in the hotel and all of them are designed in a minimalist and modern style featuring clean lines, and a color palette of black, white, and shades of grey. The rooms are further enlivened with sudden splashes of color such as blue velvet sofas. The bathrooms are all marble clad.

# 7

Hotel Giraffe

Hotel Giraffe is a 4-star hotel located on Park Avenue South, a few short steps away from East Side’s six subway line, which can connect you to the rest of the city, including Madison Avenue and Soho in the immediate stops. The two most stunning features of the hotel are the spacious lobby and the rooftop terrace which has seen the exchange of several wedding vows. The rooms are quite simply decorated, however, if you get a balcony room you can enjoy a view of Park Avenue.

# 8

West 57th Street by Hilton Club

West 57th Street by Hilton Club, as the name suggests, is located on West 57th Street. As such, you’re in one of the most desirable locations in the city. Central Park is only a block away and you can walk over to it. Furthermore, if you enjoy shopping, Fifth Avenue is located just a street over. This 4-star hotel doesn’t boast a lot of facilities, not even a restaurant. As such, you can try going to Brooklyn Diner which is a restaurant located on the same street. The rooms in the hotel are quite simply decorated. However, they come with full-length windows that can provide you a view of the streets below.

# 9

The Bryant Park

The Bryant Park is an extremely minimalist 4-star hotel located right at the entrance to Bryant Park. As such, the best aspect of this hotel is that most of the rooms offer you a clear view of the park. The hotel lobby has been designed in a quasi-gothic style with dark walls and red furnishings. However, the rooms are quite bright and lively. They come with varnished hardwood floors and full-length windows that allow plenty of natural light to enter. There are a 100 rooms and suites in the hotel, 10 of which enjoy a view of the park from the terrace.

# 10

Andaz 5th Avenue

Andaz 5th Avenue is located in the very heart of 5th Avenue, and as such it’s the ideal location for people who enjoy shopping in branded outlets such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce&Gabbana, and others. The general aesthetic of the hotel is modern and contemporary, and all the suites come with balconies and fully-equipped kitchenettes. There are 181 rooms in the hotel and they are all designed in muted shades of off-white, light-brown, and dull-red. However, there are plenty of full-length windows that keep the accommodation bright and cheerful.

New York City Boutique Luxury Hotel Map

The best high end, unique, cool and small luxury hotels displayed on our map below.

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